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  1. Orchid Lovers’ Fair 2017

    29th July 2017 by admin

  2. NGOS July 2017 Meeting

    11th July 2017 by admin

    In preparation for the Paphiopedilum Symposium we will be having a Paphiopedilum Mini Symposium with a panel of our resident judges.

  3. NGOS May 2017 Meeting

    9th May 2017 by admin

    Orchids grow and thrive in a variety of habitats and conditions so there is always a problem growing different genera of orchids in one growing area. This month Alan Abel will be telling us his greenhouse setup. He will focus specifically on how he creates micro-climates to cater for the varieties of orchid that he grows. Our knowledgeable judges will also discuss the plants on the plant table. The winners of the previous weekend’s show will also receive their medals and certificates.

  4. NGOS April 2017 Meeting

    11th April 2017 by admin

    This month’s talk will be all about Stenoglottis, a local terrestrial genus comprising a number of small, but spectacular, species. The talk will focus on the species commonly grown as well as more recently discovered and lesser known ones. There has also been much work done on hybridising this genus for the pot plant trade.