Every two years the members of NGOS elect a committee who runs the day-to-day business of the society. Here are the current committee members:

President                                                                        Disa-Marie Jaeger-van Wyk

Past-President                                                             Frikkie Marais

Secretary                                                                       Frikkie Marais

Treasurer                                                                       Marietjie Houghton

Library                                                                            Johan Müller

Photographer                                                               Lee Farrington

Alternate photographer                                           Carel Fourie

Webpage manager                                                     Jan Greyling

Publicity, Social media & Newsletter                   Ariska van der Nest

Social coordinator                                                      Annemarie Joubert

                                                                                          Christo van Niekerk

Catering                                                                          Irene Miles

Show coordinator                                                       Disa-Marie Jaeger-van Wyk