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Autumn Show 2015

The NGOS’ annual autumn show took place from 1 to 3 May 2015 at Safari Garden Center. Thanks to wonderfully mild weather and the excellent support of all the members of NGOS, it was a resounding success. The show was well-attended by the public who were amazed by the variety and beauty of the orchids on display.

Every show is different and this year’s was no exception – although Laelia anceps plants usually steal our show, there were a large number of Slippers (both Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium) on display.

There were also two exhibits devoted entirely to miniature and small orchids. Perhaps these displays are a sign of a move to cram more orchids into our very small modern lifestyles.

186 plants were entered for judging and five vendors sold plants at the show. The show committee would like to thank every person who contributed to the smooth running of the show, but especially the WOS members who brought plants all the way from Johannesburg. All the effort enabled us to put on a beautiful showcase for the public.

Show Winners

Fdk. Afterdark x Ctsm. Donna Wise Grand Champion C. Steckner
Paphiopedilum Harold Koopowitz Reserve Champion Plantae
Lepanthes telipogoniflora Special Award F. Marais
Cattleya cernua Laeliinae Species H. Stroh
Lc. Bonanza x Bc. Norman’s Bay Laeliinae Hybrid B. Mincher
Cymbidium chloranthum ‘Spitskop’ Cymbidiinae Species P. Roos
Cymbidium Isle Flammingo Cymbidiinae Hybrid P. Roos
Dendrobium Burana Sunshine Dendrobiinae Hybrid E. Houghton
Oncidium enderianum Oncidiinae Species C. Giesel
Colmanara Masai Red Oncidiinae Hybrid B. Mincher
Phalaenopsis sanderiana Phalaenopsis Species Plantae
Phalaenopsis Mini Mark Phalaenopsis Hybrid Plantae
Paphiopedilum rothschildianum Cypripedioideae Species Plantae
Paphiopedilum Harold Koopowitz Cypripedioideae Hybrid Plantae
Pomatocalpa spicata Vandeae Species B. Mincher
Lepanthes telipogoniflora Pleurothallidiinae Species F. Marais
Bulbophyllum jacobsonii Misc. Exotic Species Plantae
Fdk. Afterdark x Ctsm. Donna Wise Misc. Exotic Hybrid C. Steckner
Polystachya paniculata African Species Plantae
Polystachya Duckitt Crystal African Hybrid Plantae

To see beautiful photographs of this event, click here!

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