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About Northern Gauteng Orchid Society

The Northern Gauteng Orchid Society or Noord-Gauteng Orgideevereniging (NGOS) is an orchid society based in Pretoria. It serves the orchid growers and orchid enthusiast of the Northern Gauteng area.

NGOS has been in existence since 1967 (formerly as the Orchid Society of Northern Transvaal) and is the 4th oldest orchid society in the country. NGOS members meet regularly to discuss aspects of orchid culture and to show off their flowering plants.

NGOS strives to improve the knowledge of orchid culture and to provide resources for its members to learn more about orchids. NGOS supports the SAOC and other organisations in its attempts to educate the public about the need to conserve our indigenous orchids.

Our History

The first formal organisation to be established in South Africa regarding the cultivation and propagation of orchids was the Orchid Society of South Africa in 1957. The OSSA eventually became The Cape Orchid Society. In 1962 the Natal Orchid Society and in 1963 the Transvaal Orchid Society (presently the Witwatersrand Orchid Society) were formed. The Northern Gauteng Orchid Society was founded in 1967 as the Orchid Society of Northern Transvaal (ONT) which makes it the fourth oldest orchid society in South Africa. The Society is based in Pretoria and serves the Northern Gauteng and adjacent region. As part of reformation the name of the society was changed to Northern Gauteng Orchid Society (NGOS) in 2015.

Members of the NGOS were involved in the establishment of the South African Orchid Council in 1968. The SAOC is the coordinating body for the 22 affiliated orchid societies in South Africa and publishes a biannual orchid journal and, amongst others, maintains a formal orchid flower quality – and show judging system. A national orchid show and conference is held every three years under the auspices of the SAOC.

The NGOS has active, accredited SAOC judges which do award and show judging at different shows and participate at a monthly Learner Judges meeting. The NGOS also holds its own one or two orchid shows annually.

NGOS has successfully organised two National Orchid

Shows & Confer ences: the 4th in 1979 (prior to the 10th WOC in Durban in 1981) and the 11th in 2000. In 2011 the 3 Gauteng Orchid Societies namely the Northern Gauteng, Witwatersrand and East Rand Orchid Societies presented the Gauteng National Show and Conference in Pretoria as a prerequisite to hosting the 21st World Orchid Conference & Show in September 2014.

NGOS is also the only society in South Africa that organised a one day national orchid event namely the Paphiopedilum Symposium and Show on a roughly three yearly basis. The 1st Paph Symposium took place in 1974 and the 11th in 2008. The 12th Paph Symposium formed part of the Gauteng National Orchid Conference in 2011.

A one day conference on African orchids was also held some years ago.

To fulfill the need for notes on orchid cultivation under South African growing circumstances, a compilation of articles by 10 successful orchid growers under the editorship of Mr Luther Siebert was published in 1978 by the ONT.

In 1990 this booklet was replaced by a new version titled Orgideekweking in Suid-Afrika / Orchid Cultivation in South Africa under the editorship of Christo & Aletta Page.

The society’s emblem, the flower of Angraecum stella-africae, formed the basis for the logo of 21st World Orchid Conference which was held in Sandton in 2014.

Christo & Aletta Page